Used Cars Can Offer Great Insurance Premium Value!

Let’s face it—you don’t generally buy a used car to impress your neighbors or indulge in a midlife crisis whim. Used cars are proven money-savers, often allowing you to save over half the sticker price of a comparable new model. The money-saving benefit of buying a used car carries over into the insurance realm too.

Used Cars Mean Reduced Rates on Comprehensive and Collision Coverages

Just Auto Insurance is able to charge significantly lower premiums for used car insurance. Why? It’s a simple matter of value: Since used cars are worth less than their new counterparts, it costs an insurer much less to compensate for the value of a used car in the event of theft or irreparable damage.

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Just Auto Insurance takes into consideration many factors when determining insurance rates for a used car, including:

The model of the car: Since there is potentially years worth of safety and performance data on a used car’s model year, we can use this data to reward reliable and safe car models.
Parking arrangements: Is it possible to park your used car in a garage on a safe street?
Miles driven: If your commute is short, expect some extra discounts in your auto insurance rates.

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